What's The Best Donut In Irving?

What's The Best Donut In Irving?

So it’s spring break, and we didn’t do much all week.  Today I wanted to take the kids to The Perot Museum and most importantly to the donut shop.  Sadly I ended up having to cancel the visit to the museum; it was disappointing, but donuts have a way of making things better. I mean when has a donut ever let you down?  


I have this dream of going to every donut shop in Irving and buying a glazed donut at each shop and then coming home for a taste test.  I’m on the hunt for THE best donut in Irving.  I know I know it’s a big dream, but hey this is America.

Today I ended up at The Donut King, and it did not disappoint.  I ordered maple bacon, blueberry glazed, glazed, chocolate glazed, a chocolate cake with peanuts, a croissant, a chocolate bar, a mini cinnamon roll, and a few donut holes with fun sprinkles on them.

I was pretty happy with my selection, and I highly recommend this place. Pretty much each thing I tried was just yum, and I mean bacon on a donut uhh yes, please.  

I’ll let you know at the end of my search which Irving donut shop is my personal favorite.  

What’s your favorite?   

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