Hi I'm Maria,

When I read blogs I'm usually curious about who's writing the blog and you know kinda what they're about.  So, I figured I'd kinda tell you a little about what I'm about. One of my favorite things to do is eat. So, this blog, is MOSTLY about me doing my favorite thing, and telling YOU my fans about it. You guys are my fans right?  

So, I recently quit my job and now I have a bit more time to explore restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops, and recipes. I guess you could say I'm a stay and home foodie.

Oh yeah and let's not forget one of the best perks! I get to spend more time with my three kids Hannah who's 16, Tai who's 11, and Jude who's 1. They make my life an adventure. Adventure by the way in mom terms really means it is crazy at my house sometimes and messy and loud and fun and not fun and exciting and so many other things.

Things that I love that you may read about in my blog are food mostly, my kids, budgeting, and I don't know just stuff.

Thanks for stopping by.  Seriously thanks for taking the time to read this thing!


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