The Gluten Free Muffin That Saved My Life

The Gluten Free Muffin That Saved My Life

I quit baking as much as I used to. I miss it. I hadn’t had time to research the ins and outs of gluten free baking so I just kind of left it behind a little. I have made quite a few peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, but one cannot live on cookies alone! 


For Christmas, Jonathan bought me a gluten free cookbook called Against the Grain by Nancy Cain that I already love! He also bought me all of the ingredients to make a few of the recipes in the book. 

So far I’ve tried three recipes, and they’ve all been delicious. When I made muffins the other night, I was so excited when I took that first bite. Like Christmas morning as a kid excited. If I had Nancy Cain’s phone number, I’d totally text her to thank her for saving me from my baking rut. I wouldn’t call her though that’d be weird.

I feel like I got my baking mojo back and my sweet tooth is way excited about it.   

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