Nutella Is It Pronounced New-tella Or Nuh-tella???

Nutella Is It Pronounced New-tella Or Nuh-tella???

These are my confessions (you kinda sang the Usher song didn't you)? Okay, just one confession I hate sharing sweets with others. Sometimes I maybe scarf down a cupcake before the kids see me you know how kids are they are vultures! They look at you with those eyes you know the ones…ugh, I hate those. They give me no choice!


The other night when I made that chocolate meringue pie I told a friend of mine all about it, but when I went to her house I thought to myself “self you should bring Matie a piece” Matie is a code name just in case she doesn’t want to be in the limelight. So do you think I brought her a piece? No, I didn’t, in fact, I made cookies so that I could bring her a few. That way I wouldn’t feel guilty, and then I ended up only bringing her eight cookies, and she’s got a family of four!

I love sweets, and I'm selfish when it comes to my baked goods. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I can move on to eating this Nutella braided bread (that’s pronounced NEW-TELLA by the way) I didn’t know that until today. I got it at Patty’s Cakes and Breads it’s in a little house over in downtown Irving on Main Street right next to First Baptist Church Irving. It was so good it was my first time going over to Patty’s and when I walked in it smelled like what I think heaven will smell like and if it doesn’t it should. Her breads are reasonably priced, and I look forward to feeding my addiction there a few more times. She bakes breads both savory and sweet on Tuesdays, and you can pick one up from 3-6 and on Fridays she bakes cakes. I did share some of the bread with my husband, but I for sure got the bigger piece.

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