Rice Wok Express: The Best Chinese Food In Irving?

Rice Wok Express: The Best Chinese Food In Irving?

I've tried a few Chinese food restaurants in Irving but hadn't found one that I enjoyed enough to go back. Rice Wok Express on Irving Blvd, however, had me wanting to eat Chinese again the next day! The location and outward appearance put this place in the hole in the wall category which I happen to love. I thought this was only take-out, but they do have a small dining area.  


When you walk in, there's an order counter to the right with a menu above. I went during lunch, and they were busy, but also extremely fast. I ordered the lunch special which was the garlic chicken with rice, a spring roll, and tea. The garlic chicken is spicy so if you're not into that sort of thing maybe try the orange chicken that's also a great choice.  My lunch ended up only costing six bucks! These prices seriously melt my frugalish heart. I say frugalish because there are people who are way more frugal than I am. Have you watched Extreme Cheapskates on TLC?!

I highly recommend checking this place out. I'm pretty certain you'll be in Chinese food heaven when you get your order. 

Is there a better Chinese food restaurant in Irving?   

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