On The Next Episode of Teen Mom

On The Next Episode of Teen Mom

The day I met Hannah I was only 19. I met her at Baylor of Irving at 7:22 am on Christmas Eve. 


She’s my first born. The best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten, and I’m certain I’ll never get a better one. When I first found out I was pregnant, I didn’t feel ready. Umm, I don’t know maybe because I wasn’t married, was 18, lived with my mom, and well I just didn’t feel like a grown up yet. Do we ever FEEL like grownups, though? 

Fear hit me hard. It was a challenging and lonely time in my life. I completely isolated myself and just went over and over in my head what having a baby would mean. I’d be a single teen mom. Single Teen Mom I mean that doesn’t have a nice ring to it does it?

Thankfully love hit me hard too I immediately loved my child. I can’t explain how it’s possible to love someone I hadn’t met, but I did. As I look back now, I can see God loving me and reaching out to me during this time. I’ll never forget walking into Daphne's office she was my coworker. She looked at me and just told me that every child was a blessing from God. Her words at that very moment were incredibly powerful to me. I needed to hear those words that day.

My decisions about everything changed once I decided to let fear go. It wasn’t easy, and fear came and went. I hadn't imagined my first pregnancy this way. I'd guess most women don't say I want to be a single teen mom and live with my parents. 

I can't say things have been easy, but I do know that the moment I saw Hannah's face fear left. I forgot I was only 19, and I just became her mom. There were many trial and error moments, but I mean that happens regardless of how old you are when you have kids.

Today Hannah is 16, and we’re heading towards a new type of relationship. The kind of relationship where she leaves!  Seriously what is her problem growing up like that? After all we’ve been through together!

Here's a fun fact about Hannah. We named her Hannah Maria Nguyen, but the birth certificate and social security card came as Hannah Mana Nguyen. Oops.  

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