Irving Spoon's Review of Andalous Mediterranean Grill

Irving Spoon's Review of Andalous Mediterranean Grill

Andalous is one of the best restaurants in Irving. We went this past Sunday for lunch, and it was delicious as always. It’s one of those places that is just as good every single time. It’s also the kind of place you wear your stretchy pants to because you will be stuffed. 


When you first walk in your first stop is the pita bread which they are always making fresh batches of. I think I could just eat bread and hummus as my entire meal because it’s so good.

There’s a dip station, a salad station, a sides station, and then a meat station. In that order. I highly recommend the baba ganoush and any of the hummus options. 

The salads are all delish, but my faves are the tabouli and the pasta salad. 

In the sides section, you HAVE to try the roasted cauliflower, the roasted potatoes, and the vermicelli rice. No lie they are amazing. All of the sides are good choices.

I haven’t tried a ton of the meat because I prefer veggies, but the chicken kabob is delicious, and so is the Andalous Chicken. 

I’ve seriously loved every single thing I’ve ever tried. One small tip. If you’re going to order a kabob, order it first, because it takes about 15 minutes.

If you’ve never gone to Andalous, do yourself a favor and go today. No seriously cancel your lunch or dinner plans and go. Right now. 

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