Try Walmart's Grocery Pick Up Service Now!

Try Walmart's Grocery Pick Up Service Now!

Okay, so I’ve been shopping at Walmart ever since I started budgeting which was back in 2010. I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that I hated going to Walmart. It’s crowded, they always seem understaffed, and the customer service isn’t great. 


Well, a few weeks ago I tried the new pickup service they offer. It was life changing. I ordered my groceries online, scheduled a time to pick them up, and when I got there I just pulled into the designated parking spot called the phone number and within a few minutes someone was out loading my groceries for me! 

Guys, it was incredible. The customer service was fantastic. I even received a gift since it was my first time using the service. Shopping with a 1-year-old isn’t always easy, and this saved me so much time. It’s genius. 

Now when I think of grocery shopping, I don’t dread it. It makes sticking to my budget easy since it’s adding my total as I go. I cannot say enough good things about it. I’ve used the service twice now, and I’m sure there will be a day when everything isn’t perfect because of course there’s always room for mistakes, but overall I can’t imagine going back to shopping the way I once did. 

Go to Walmart and try the new pick up service, and if you don’t mind using my coupon code I’d appreciate it, and you’ll save $10 bucks. 

I never thought I’d be encouraging people to shop Walmart

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