Coffee Breath Totally Ruins My Mojo

Coffee Breath Totally Ruins My Mojo

This morning I’m having pan dulce from Panaderia El Sol with my coffee. Wait let me change that. I’m trying to have pan dulce. Jude is now almost nine months and mobile, and so it takes me a long time now to eat breakfast and drink my coffee. I usually have to warm my coffee up a few times. I'm trying to teach Jude baby sign language, so I can say "Jude my coffee is getting cold." Okay, not really. Heck, I'm just trying to get Jude not to stick his fingers up my nose.


The morning is my favorite part of the day. The smell of coffee makes me happy. I do however wish coffee didn’t come with coffee breath! Coffee breath totally ruins my mojo.

Up until a week ago or so, I didn’t even have a coffee maker, and I’d been drinking instant! I know right! I couldn’t decide what kind of coffee maker to get, and I take forever to make decisions. Seriously I’d been researching this for months. Since I’m the only one that drinks coffee I kept thinking that I should get a single cup coffee maker, but then thought well maybe a Keurig would be good for me, but I’m too frugal for that. I ended up deciding on something called a Primula Coffee Brew Buddy. I was pretty excited when I found it because number one it was only six bucks and number two it’s tiny so I can just put it in a drawer. I named my brew buddy Lil Keurig. So, if anyone ever asks me if I have a Keurig I can say of course. Anybody who’s anybody has one.

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