How To Survive Strep Throat While Being A Mom

How To Survive Strep Throat While Being A Mom

This week I was diagnosed with STREP THROAT!!!!!!! So I went to the Dr. and let him know I was dying. I started to wonder what moms did before TV. I was in so much pain that Jude pretty much watched TV for most of the day. While I, lay there just hanging on by a thread.


I thought about how that was probably bad parenting, but then also thought about how he would probably hopefully survive. He had Cheetos for dinner, but you know what, he wasn’t starving, so I considered that a win for the day.

I hate being sick because I already overthink everything and so being sick just gives me more time for that! I wish my overthinking was overthinking in a positive direction though. Like instead of thinking back on conversations and assuming I probably annoyed or offended someone why can’t I think back and assume they think I’m awesome.  

A few days ago I saw a few red spots on Jude's eyelids, and of course, I google because I enjoy freaking myself out over nothing. According to the internet, it could be a sign of either a)he cried and burst a tiny blood vessel or b)a list of horrible things that are probably not likely. My mind, of course, focuses on b)it must be something terrible. Why brain? Why do you force me to act like a lunatic? So my husband has to convince me that Jude doesn't need to go the ER. He shouldn’t have to convince me, but I appreciate his patience. If I had to deal with me in that situation, I think I’d just want to put me outside for a while.

Anyway today I feel much better as far a strep throat is concerned. I lived on oatmeal for a few days which was delicious because I added milk chocolate chips and peanut butter to it! I’m still overthinking because it’s what I do, but at least I can overthink while doing the dishes or while vacuuming or whatever. 

So by now you've realized that basically my advice is to turn the tv on and give your kid Cheetos. Sorry if you were expecting something more. 

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