No Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies For You!

No Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies For You!

Tai skipped dinner two nights in a row. Last night I made Halushki for dinner, and he decided he wasn’t hungry. I told him if he didn’t eat with us he would be skipping dinner. I knew he’d regret it, but I just didn’t feel like arguing about it. When he came inside from playing with the neighbors, he said: “so what did you guys eat for dinner”? I knew he was hungry, and it was tough not to warm up dinner for him. A few minutes later he went to get a banana, and I told him the kitchen was closed. He seemed confused and told me he was hungry. I reminded him that he chose to skip dinner. So, he went to bed hungry. 


Tonight I made bowtie pasta with broccoli, olives, and garlic. Tai is picky and many times won’t even try things. I knew it wasn’t his favorite, but he had the option of eating leftover Halushki. He asked for ramen and when I said no he said he wasn’t eating dinner.    

Allowing him to deal with the consequences of his bad decisions is hard. I hate the way it makes me feel.  It’s especially difficult because I know I can quickly remedy the hunger in this case by letting him eat. I was so close to caving but reminded myself that if I caved, I would be doing it for myself, and that would be selfish. I have chosen to be selfish many times. I don’t think I always knew I was giving in for selfish reasons. I realize it now. I realize that I’m doing Hannah, Tai, and Jude no favors by “fixing” things for them and by letting them get away with bad behavior. It’s always a struggle for me. The part of me that doesn’t want to feel bad wants to give him the banana, but the part of me that loves him deeply wants him to learn to be the best version of himself possible.    

So, Tai, tonight I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and I would have loved to share them with you. Unfortunately, for you, I love you too much to let you have any.  

By the way here's the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe

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