My Baby Is Almost An Adult

My Baby Is Almost An Adult

My oldest is seventeen, and my youngest is two. This gap has given me an interesting perspective on parenting. 


I used to think that the newborn phase was hard, but now I think the hardest part about parenting isn’t meeting constant needs, but meeting fewer needs. 

Letting go and learning just to watch my oldest make her own decisions without too much interference is so much harder than waking up every two hours for feedings or changing diapers! I try to guide her and give her advice, but ultimately she makes her own choices. Those choices are sometimes ones that make me cringe, but they’re hers. She wears mom jeans ya’ll. That's an example of a choice that made me cringe.  

Hmm so what do I do with this? It causes my anxiety to go crazy if I think about her choices too much. The best option for me is to remind myself that I survived and I made lots of bad choices. It’s quite amazing how stinkin awesome my life turned out in spite of how hard I seemed to try to make things as difficult as possible for myself.

I’m thankful I found my way because I know she’ll find hers. 

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