For The Love Of Pie

For The Love Of Pie

Being a mom is my favorite. I have a 16-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a one-year-old.  Having kids causes all sorts of emotions.  From the moment that you know, there’s a little someone who needs you to survive oh the feelings begin. 


I experience all sorts of emotions daily with them:  joy, sadness, frustration, excitement, worry and well so many more feelings too many to list.  I listed joy first because it’s what I experience the most with my littles.  Hannah (the 16-year-old) has mentioned a few times how much joy Jude (the baby) brings, and Tai (the 11-year-old) has said things like "Jude makes everyone so happy.”  I’m not sure that they realize that the joy Jude brings into our home is the same type of joy that they also bring into our home.  

When I think of how I love them, it reminds me of how much Christ loves me.  I don’t love them because they’ve done anything I love them because they’re my babies. They’re a part of my soul.  Seriously, I love them in such a big way that there are no words that would ever provide enough of a description. 

After I had Hannah I couldn't imagine being able to love anyone else as big as I love her, but then Tai came, and Jude came and well I love them just as big.  Love has a way of growing in ways that I just never imagined possible.  

For them, I would give up chocolate pie. 

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