Breaking Up With Gluten

Breaking Up With Gluten

I never thought breaking up with Gluten would be so hard! Since Jonathan found out he has celiac disease, I’ve gone through the process of making our kitchen a gluten-free space. It’s just too hard to try to avoid cross contamination. At first, I was quick to start dumping all sorts of stuff, but there was one thing I held onto for some reason. I didn’t give it much thought until yesterday when I thought about trashing it or giving it away. 


It’s flour! I still have a container full of flour in my pantry. I will get rid of it this week, but it won’t be easy. I love flour. The process of kneading dough was one that brought me comfort. Rolling out flour tortillas sounds like a chore, but there is something therapeutic about it. So I’ve decided that this is the week we break up. This week is the week that I tell flour it’s not you it’s me. 

My only wish was that the gluten free options weren’t so stinking expensive. I wrote a blog post about my grocery budget a while back about how my grocery budget was only $340. Yeah, that’s going to be hard to maintain. This week I bought a little loaf of gluten free bread for five dollars versus the loaf of Walmart bread I was buying for less than a buck. Just to give you an idea a five-pound bag of flour is $1.72 at Walmart while five pounds of gluten free flour is about $12.45. Ouch! That hurts me way deep down in my frugal soul. 

I was reminded this morning as I was listening to Rebecca and Jeff on KCBI that what we put our focus on is what gets magnified. So I sat down made myself some gluten free toast with some homemade peach jam and decided to quit focusing on the cost of bread, and instead I focused on the fact that I'm thankful for Jonathan and the fact that I get to go on this gluten free journey with him. I'm thankful he was diagnosed, and we can now work on keeping him healthy! 

He is more important to our family than saving four dollars on bread.  

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