Wanna TACO bout it?

Wanna TACO bout it?

And now it’s time for my weekly Irving restaurant review….


Okay, I lied it won’t be a weekly review my restaurant budget is not that big! Here we go. I tried El Taco H for lunch the other day. I’d driven by it a few times, but honestly, from the outside, it wasn’t calling my name. I listened for it and didn’t hear it. The only reason I tried it is because I yelped lunch spots near me and this had great reviews. Plus the prices seemed very reasonable, and you guys all know how I love a bargain right!? You guys know that right? When I walked in it was totally not what I expected. From the outside, it seemed very generic, but when you walk in it feels like you’ve stepped into some place where the cool kids hang out. It’s a fun spot. I tried the surf and turf taco and the elote. The surf and turf wasn’t my favorite, but the ELOTE was delicious! I’d go back just to have 4 of those bad boys. They serve their/there/they’re drinks in little pitchers which I love. I’d like to go back to try out some different tacos, though. I’m not sure why I picked surf and turf I don’t even really like steak. They have a salsa bar which was good too. I’m not a big salsa person, so I’d probably not be the best judge of what an amazing salsa bar was. Either way, I’ll for sure be going back to try some different things.

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