This Mom Loves Mama's Daughters' Diner

This Mom Loves Mama's Daughters' Diner

I went to Mama’s Daughters' Diner today for breakfast with Hannah and Jude, and since I assume everyone loves this place I wasn’t going to write a review.


However, Diane, my waitress, made my day so I just couldn’t resist telling you guys about it. At Mama’s they pretty much let you pick your table and then bring you the menu. I always feel like I’m family there, but maybe that’s because I’ve been going there my whole life.    

This morning, as soon as I sat down, Diane brought Jude a biscuit and said: "here at Mama’s you can make as much mess as you want because we’ve got a broom and can sweep it right up." Sometimes going out to eat with a one-year-old can be challenging and you get "The Looks." You know what looks I’m talking about moms. The ones where people are wondering why in the world you even let your baby out of the house. Diane just really put me at ease, and since Jude had a biscuit I was even able to enjoy my coffee while it was still warm!  

Okay so here's my take on the food. This morning I ordered biscuits and gravy, coffee, and french toast. I just loved the buttery french toast covered in powdered sugar and drenched in warm syrup. I drowned my biscuits in gravy, and I mean how could that be bad. So delicious! 

My personal lunch/dinner favorites are chicken tetrazzini, chicken fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, and chicken and dressing. I guess I like chicken. Ooh and the rolls!!! Oh my goodness, the rolls. What are your favorites? I need to branch out and try some other items on the menu.   

I can't not tell you about my favorite dessert. I may have a small chocolate obsession, and when I was pregnant with Jude, I would get a chocolate fried pie AT LEAST once a week. I even tried to make my own because it was becoming an expensive habit, but I just couldn’t pull it off like they do. 

Please visit Mama’s and show Diane some love, and if you’re a chocolate lover make sure to try the chocolate fried pie! Just don't take the last one. I need my pie!

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