The Best Mother's Day Gift Yet

The Best Mother's Day Gift Yet

Mom's Perspective


This Mother’s Day started out with donuts at church awesome, pie afterward at Oak Street Pie Co. awesome, and then fried chicken for lunch at Babe’s awesome! It was all delicious. I owe that pie my first-born. Sorry Hannah. 

After lunch, Tai my 11-year-old told me he had plans for just the two of us. He said we could either go to Steel City Pops or Jamba Juice. Those are both great choices, so it was a tough call, but I picked Jamba Juice. 

Later that night I drove us to Jamba Juice, and Tai played DJ. When we got there we each picked out a smoothie and Tai paid. We sat out on the patio and just chatted. He told me all about football, and I got to talk to him about blogging. We talked about how hanging out just the two of us was nice and how we should do it more often. He even suggested we take turns paying. It’s not often that I take time out to slow down and smell the smoothies. 

My favorite part about Tai’s gift was time. He gave me the gift of time with Tai. Time seemed to stop for just a bit. So, Tai thanks for your thoughtful, generous, sweet, loving gesture. It will be a Mother’s Day I’ll never forget. Especially now that I’ve blogged about it.

Tai's Perspective

  The day before mother's day we went to a movie with out my mom on the way there we were talking about what we are taking mom,  I had an idea that every one takes mom somewhere just you and her. It was mothers day, and we went to a pie place and had dessert before our lunch, after pie we walked to babes next door after that we went home, and I took mom to her surprise from me we went to Jamba Juice I got a white gummy, and mom got the chocolate mood.

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