Five Reasons Why I Love My Minimalist Wardrobe

Five Reasons Why I Love My Minimalist Wardrobe

Here are the top five reasons why I’m in love with my minimalist wardrobe.


Laundry day is easy! 

There is no sorting involved. All of our clothes are similar in color. I also wash once a week since we don’t have a ton of extra stuff to carry us over into the second week. The good thing about that is that laundry doesn’t ever pile up. Seriously though it wouldn’t be a very big pile even if every single item of clothing that I owned was dirty.   

Packing for trips is easy! 

I pack pretty much my entire wardrobe. Less stress, less time, less planning.  It’s quite amazing. That also makes it so that we don’t take much luggage. Now I know you’re wondering what I do if my vacation is longer. Well so far I’ve been lucky and have been able to do laundry at the resort we stayed at, and when we went on a cruise, I just did a load of laundry on the boat.  

Figuring out what I’m going to wear is easy! 

I mean I don’t have that many options right!   

Organizing my closet is easy! 

I only own around 30 items of clothing and six pairs of shoes. My house is pretty organized, but not because I’m an organized person. The house is mostly organized because I don’t own much, so it’s hard to create a mess with minimal stuff.  

Sticking to my budget is easy! 

Our monthly clothing budget for our family of five is $80. I just shop to replace items that have worn out. So for example if my jeans wear out I replace them, I don’t just randomly shop for whatever. It makes shopping a breeze. 

I do think that everyone should try this! Start by turning all of your hangers backward. You’ll start to realize that you probably wear a small percentage of your wardrobe. If you decide to try it, let me know how it goes. I’m willing to bet you’ll love the simplicity of living with less.

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